Togapa + DJ Graffiti =
Incredible Engagement

Togapa is a web app (no download required!) that brings the inclusivity of a DJ Graffiti virtual event to in-person and pre-recorded events.

Virtually, DJ Graffiti reads comments left via live chat, while giving shout outs and taking song requests over the microphone.

With Togapa, attendees submit song titles and upvote songs via the app. DJ Graffiti can view the requests and give shout outs to the requester as songs are played. 

Togapa can be used live in real time, or invite your audience to app in advance to personalize a pre-recorded celebration!

(During this Beta test phase, Togapa is only available paired with the DJ Graffiti Experience.)

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The DJ Graffiti Experience

Togapa was born to recreate the engagement of a virtual DJ Graffiti experience in-person. Watch and you'll understand why!