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Togapa enables your guests to request and upvote songs for the most inclusive and engaging events ever!

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Togapa: Engaging Events
Whether Together or Apart

Believe it or not, some good came from the COVID-19 pandemic...

While forced to isolate, award winning DJ Graffiti pioneered an innovative virtual music experience, interacting with guests via the microphone in real time, giving shout outs and taking song requests.

Two years later, excited to return to the energy of in-person events, both DJ Graffiti and the audience missed the two-way communication of the live chat.

Togapa allows guests to make and upvote song requests, bringing the engagement of a live virtual event to in-person, hybrid and pre-recorded celebrations!

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Some of the best features

Deceptively simple, Togapa packs innovative features to help achieve your event goals!

Always Targeted

Your audience will love your event because they helped create it while hearing their favorite songs!

Lead Generation

The user profile allows you to capture key data like name, email, phone, company and title.

Custom Branded

Add custom graphics to the Togapa interface so it fits perfectly with the look and feel of your event.

Screen View & QR

Show top voted songs on a Full HD screen view that includes a QR code for quick Togapa access.


Answers to the Togapa questions everybody's asking...

Togapa is a part of the DJ Graffiti music experience. We'll help you get it set up and fully integrated with your event.

Togapa is currently linked with the DJ Graffiti experience. In the future we'll consider expanding to other DJs or allowing you to use Togapa on your own.

We collect as little data as possible for guests to use Togapa. If you requested data collection, we'll provide you with your data as a CSV following the event. All other identifiable user data is customarily wiped from our servers 48 hours after each event.


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